The benefits of conducting underwater inspections before dry-docking
09 Feb 2018

The benefits of conducting underwater inspections before dry-docking


Ships are a capital-intensive asset; there is a lot at stake when a ship is put out to water. To ensure a vessel’s continual seaworthiness throughout its lifespan and to adhere to statutory compliances, several proactive measures must be taken. One such activity is an Underwater Inspection in lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD) or an in-water survey. 

General scope of work

Divers are supposed to carry out several tasks when they go below the waterline. These include sea chest inspections, paint thickness measurement, hull plate thickness readings using ultrasonic equipment, checking out the shell plating, stern bearings, rudder bearings, sea suctions & valves, among other activities. These are the several checkpoints that usually show up during an in-water ship survey.

Moreover, it is pertinent to carry out these activities as per the norms/standards laid down by the major international marine classification societies, viz, ABS, DNV•GL, Lloyds Register and BV; the organisation taking up the work needs to be accredited with these societies. 

Smart & sensible strategy – Optimising cost, saving time

Dry docking is expensive indeed; the longer the docking period, the longer the time the ship is out of service, which means lesser shipping and reduced revenue. Since an in-water survey does not entail taking a ship off service, it is both cost effective and time efficient. Moreover, potential repair/maintenance areas could be identified beforehand, which reduces docking time and the ship can be pressed back into active service at the earliest.

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