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Underwater Inspection in a Reservoir known for 'Crocodiles'
29 Mar 2019

Underwater Inspection in a Reservoir known for 'Crocodiles'

On 29 March 2019, KBA Marine Service Pte Ltd, was tasked by TS Landscape (Client) to conduct an Underwater Inspection of Damaged Pontoon at PUB Tengeh Reservoir. A six-man diving team was on the job, led by Terrance De Silva (Dive Supervisor) and Andrew Miranda (Trainee Dive Supervisor).

A diving toolbox meeting was conducted with Andrew highlighting the risk on the job including crocodile sightings. The divers were apprehensive but were given extra manpower support from PUB’s Assistant Engineer, Alias Hassan and his team. This included two lookout posts around the floating pontoon and a rescue boat circling the area.

Diver Zakariyah entered the water to inspect the damaged pontoon and completed in an hour. Although the job was conducted in a reservoir known for crocodile sightings, with a robust and careful risk assessment, and the necessary measures deployed via support from various teams prior to the operations, we were able to ensure that the divers remained safe while they completed the tasks. The project was a success and the client was pleased with the job done.

Tengeh Reservoir is the world’s largest solar panel testbed. Its proximity to Malaysia’s coastal reclamation works has given rise to the increase in crocodile sightings.