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Ship Maintenance Services

Ship Maintenance Services

Hull Cleaning

Underwater hull conditions can have a major effect on fuel costs. The build-up of marine growth can lead to drag, cavitation and turbulence. The hull-cleaning machinery at KBAM can remove all types of marine fouling from light slime to hard barnacle growth.

Propeller Polishing

KBAM divers are capable of achieving a surface finish of removing marine fouling including tenacious calcareous deposits, and polishing to approx. 2 Microns CLA. It has been well documented that the effects of a poorly maintained propeller can decrease speed and power by up to 5 % compared to that of a propeller maintaining an "A" Finish on the Rupert Scale.

Blanking of Sea chests gratings

KBAM is able to fabricate blanks to the size of the required sea-chest. Blanking avoids any unnecessary docking of the vessel so that internal valve change-outs or repairs can be conducted. The neutral buoyancy of KBAM fabricated blanks enable the diver to easily maneuver the blanks into position.

Changing of transducers

Working closely with OEMs, KBAM can quickly facilitate any type of change out required on short notice. Our teams have the experience to complete any installation.

Plugging of overboard valves to facilitate internal maintenance.

Blanking of sea chests / plugging of intakes or overboard discharges to assist inboard repairs is a very cost effective method of changing defective valves during normal ship operations. KBAM divers will blank off your overboard or sea chests and subsequently the ship crew can remove the defective valve or piping and repair.